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Patents & Publications



V.N. Vukotic, S. Veinberg, M. LeSter, A. Dmitrienko, A. Iskra, M. Williams, M. Belassel, TRANSMISSION X-RAY DIFFRACTION APPARATUS AND RELATED METHOD, U.S. Patent Application N° 63/268,497 filed on February 25, 2022


V.N. Vukotic, J. N. Murphy, J. Kobti, M. Dao. Therapeutic Coordination Polymers Containing Pharmaceuticals for Drug Release Applications. (PCT Application 63/230289). U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, filed on August 6th, 2021.


V.N. Vukotic, S. Veinberg, N. Caratanosov. Carbon Fiber Window for X-ray Diffractometer.   (U.S. Patent No. US 2021/0080410 A1). U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Published Mar. 18, 2021. 


V. N. Vukotic, M. Belassel, W. Boyer, A. Iskra. Mounting System and Sample Holder for X-ray Diffraction Apparatus. (U.S. Patent No. 10,794,844 B2). U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Issued Oct. 6, 2020. 



​J.M. Taylor, P.J. Dwyer, J. W. Reid, B.S. Gelfand, D. Lim, M. Donoshita, S.L. Veinberg, H. Kitagawa, V.N. Vukotic, and G.K.H. Shimizu, Holding open micropores with water: hydrogen-bonded networks supported by hexaaquachromium(III) cations, Chem, 2018, 4 (4), 868-878.

Graduate Work


V.N. Vukotic, K. Zhu, G. Baggi, S.J. Loeb, Optical Distinction between “Slow” and “Fast” Translational Motion in Degenerate Molecular Shuttles, Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 2017, 129 (22), 6232.


K. Zhu, G. Baggi, V.N. Vukotic, S.J. Loeb, Reversible Mechanical Protection: Building a 3D “Suit” Around a T-shaped Benzimidazole Axle. Chemical Science, 2017, 8 (5), 3898.


K. Zhu, V.N. Vukotic, S.J. Loeb, Acid‐Base Switchable [2]‐and [3] Rotaxane Molecular Shuttles with Benzimidazolium and Bis (pyridinium) Recognition Sites, Chemistry–An Asian Journal, 2016, 11 (22), 3258.


Z. Wang, M.J. Islam, V.N. Vukotic, M.J. Revington, Conformational Study of N, N′-Diacyl Bispidines and Dioxo Bis-bispidines: Planar Chirality and Molecular Switching, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2016, 81 (7), 2981.


V.N. Vukotic, and S.J. Loeb, Building hydrogen-bonded networks from metal complexes containing the heterotopic (N or O) ligand 4, 4′-bipyridine-N-monoxide, Supramolecular Chemistry, 2016, 28 (1-2), 151.


Z. Wang, M.J. Islam, V.N. Vukotic, Structural analysis of bis-bispidine tetraazamacrocycle: Long-range weak interactions in a channeled organic crystal, Journal of Molecular Structure, 2015, 1081, 44.


V.N. Vukotic, C.A. O'Keefe, K. Zhu, K.J. Harris, C. To, R.W. Schurko, and S.J. Loeb, Mechanically Interlocked Linkers inside Metal-Organic Frameworks: Effect of Ring Size on Rotational Dynamics, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2015, 137(30), 9643.


K. Zhu, C.A. O'Keefe, V.N. Vukotic, R.W. Schurko, and S.J. Loeb, A Molecular Shuttle that Operates Inside a Metal-Organic Framework, Nature Chemistry, 2015, 7, 514. *Highlighted in Chemistry World, C&E News, and Nature*


I. Elguraish, K. Zhu, L. Hernandez, H. Amarne, J. Luo, V.N. Vukotic, and S.J. Loeb, Assembly of a M4L4 “Folded-Cube” Using a T-Shaped, Right-Angled Ligand, Dalton Transactions, 2015, 44, 898.


K. Zhu, V.N. Vukotic, C.A. O'Keefe, R.W. Schurko, and S.J. Loeb, Metal-Organic Frameworks with Mechanically Interlocked Pillars: Controlling Ring Dynamics in the Solid-State via a Reversible Phase Change, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2014, 136, 7403.


C.B. Caputo, K. Zhu, V.N. Vukotic, S.J. Loeb, and D.W. Stephan, Heterolytic Activation of H2 Using a Mechanically Interlocked Molecule as a Frustrated Lewis Base, Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 2012, 52, 960. *Front Cover* 


K. Zhu, V.N. Vukotic, N. Noujeim, and S.J. Loeb, Bis(benzimidazolium) axles and crown ether wheels: a versatile templating pair for the formation of [2]rotaxane molecular shuttles, Chemical Science, 2012, 3, 3265.


V.N. Vukotic, K.J. Harris, K. Zhu, R.W. Schurko, and S.J. Loeb, Metal-organic frameworks with dynamic interlocked components, Nature Chemistry, 2012, 4, 456.  *Front Cover / Highlighted in Chemistry World and Canadian Chemical News*


V.N. Vukotic and S.J. Loeb, Coordination polymers containing rotaxane linkers, Chemical Society Reviews, 2012, 41, 5896. *Back Cover / Highly Cited Paper by Thomson Reuters*


C.B. Caputo, S.J. Geier, D. Winkelhaus, N.W. Mitzel, V.N. Vukotic, S.J. Loeb, and D.W. Stephan, Reactions of substituted pyridines with electrophilic boranes, Dalton Trans., 2012, 41, 2131.


N. Noujeim, K. Zhu, V.N. Vukotic, and S.J. Loeb, [2]Pseudorotaxanes from T-Shaped Benzimidazolium Axles and [24]Crown-8 Wheels, Organic Letters, 2012, 14, 2484.


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V.N. Vukotic and S.J. Loeb, One-, Two- and Three-Periodic Metal-Organic Rotaxane Frameworks (MORFs): Linking Cationic Transition-Metal Nodes with an Anionic Rotaxane Ligand, Chemistry-a European Journal, 2010, 16, 13630. *Inside Front Piece*


L.K. Knight, V.N. Vukotic, E. Viljoen, C.B. Caputo, and S.J. Loeb, Eliminating the need for independent counterions in the construction of metal-organic rotaxane frameworks (MORFs), Chemical Communications, 2009, 5585.

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