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Research Tools & Methodologies

​The high-throughput (HT) screening approach is part of our iterative feedback loop for the expedited discovery of new drug release materials. These new research tools will be used to optimize the production, screening, and characterization of new drug-release materials and gain insight into their mechanisms of operation.​ 



Through proprietary devices currently in development, 96 mechanochemical reactions can be done in a single experiment, which allows for screening hundreds of reaction conditions per day. 



Powder X-ray diffraction (pXRD) is a characterization technique used to analyze all types of materials, including metals, minerals, organic and inorganic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, polymers, and nanomaterials. Diffraction occurs as X-rays interact with an ordered (crystalline) material, revealing detailed structural information and giving insight into the structure-property relationships of the material.  


A new instrument has been developed and patented by the University of Windsor, in collaboration with an industry partner, PROTO Mfg. Ltd that allows for HT-pXRD screening in 96-well plate format, where all measurements can be taken in just a few hours. 

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